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Drawn: The Painted Tower

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Unique and varied puzzles keep the game interesting from beginning to end
  • Gorgeous artwork and production makes even the smallest of details beautiful
  • Fantastic storyline with great emotional impact
  • Solid hints when needed enable players of all skill levels to enjoy the game


  • Low replay value once all puzzles have been solved



Drawn The Painted Tower Review Summary

Game Description

Enter Living Paintings to Save Iris from Darkness!

Anything Iris draws comes to life and the evil king wants her power. Iris' family sent her into hiding but the evil king found her! It's up to you to solve puzzles to reach Iris before it's too late!

Enter this grim fairytale packed with fantasy creatures, exotic locations and clever puzzles for an unforgettable adventure!

Work Through Complex, Entertaining Puzzles

This point-and-click adventure game is packed with puzzles that will leave you scratching your head and wanting more. Wander through the dark, beautifully-illustrated tower and solve puzzles to unlock each floor.

Puzzles are complex and span various rooms and paintings. Enjoy puzzles that will test your logic and creative skills, such as figuring out how to create gongs from a dragon's treasure trove and playing music to tame the dragon. Look in every corner for inventory items you'll need later. Meet unique characters, some willing to help you and others bent on stopping you.

Enjoy a Deep Story, Amazing Graphics and Exciting Gameplay

This game is packed with clever twists and unique puzzles but it won't get frustrating because you can get hints often. The dark, imaginative world will draw you into this creative and memorable adventure. Develop your logic and creative skills by solving puzzles and enjoy the beautiful graphics and deep story.

If you're looking for an adventure that you'll be talking about long after you've finished playing it, then Drawn: The Painted Tower is for you!

Drawn Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210  (3 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

43211 Pretty good, Jan 13, 2011


This game has excellent graphics.  The story and object of the game is entertaining and keeps you wanting more.  I was quite happy with this game however, 60 min. was not long enough for me to play.

43211 Just a Thought., Dec 15, 2010


I’m not really into computer gmes but my friend told me to have a go at this one and so i did.

Really pretty graphics and good sound effects! The puzzle were sufficiently challenging. Not too easy to solve that i’d get bored or so difficult and incomprehensible that i’d get frustrated. The story unfolds really nicely as well and the concept of paintings coming to life was great.

but i felt that there was not enough variety. Most of the games were very similar to each other.. also i couldn’t navigate around a location. it was just more or less a still picture but pretty no doubt.

But all in all, the graphics, the soundtrack, the effects, the puzzles, it was real fun! i played it all at one shot!

54321 Brill, Oct 02, 2010


Really good game and the puzzles are both easy and hard making it an balance game.

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  • OS: 10.5/OSX_10_4+
  • 218 MB
  • 60 minute free trial

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