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Gemini Lost

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Game Description

A Mysterious Light Transports You to a Fantasy World!

Six youths are walking when an unexpected solar eclipse happens. It aligns with the Gemini constellation and a strange beam of light comes down from the sky. Curious, the youth run to the light and find a wheel lined with the signs of the zodiac.

Just as they begin investigating, the wheel starts shaking and they're transported to an unknown land! The wheel explodes, scattering the zodiac signs across the land and leaving the youth with no way home. Can you help them build a prospering civilization while they search for the zodiac signs and a way home?

Help Your People Prosper and Get Home

In this simulation game, send some of your people to collect lumber, stone and food while others build, research and explore. Accomplish tasks like building a school, a wedding chapel and a science lab to create potions and research better survival techniques.

You control the lives of your people! Marry them according to their zodiac signs so they can have children and pass on their skills. Your game continues in real time so your people will change over time and eventually get old and die.

While you wait for your civilization to prosper, explore the surrounding land for strange creatures, buildings and zodiac pieces. To get some zodiac pieces you'll have to solve puzzles like figuring out how to make a giant spider move or finding gems to activate ruins.

The Fun of Helping Your People Will Keep You Coming Back

Enjoy the rewarding and addicting feeling of helping your people prosper and live out their lives. You set the pace of the game by spending time helping your people prosper or by searching for the zodiac pieces as fast as you can. Build strategies to optimize your people's efforts and enjoy countless hours with your adorable characters in an exciting fantasy world!

Can you find all the pieces of the zodiac and get your people and their descendants home? Challenge yourself now with Gemini Lost!

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