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Grim Tales: The Bride

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Creepy atmospheric visuals.
  • Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.
  • Decent variety of puzzles.


  • Excessive backtracking.
  • Abrupt ending.



Grim Tales: The Bride Review Summary

Game Description

A Dark Deed

It’s been many years since you have last seen your sister, Luisa. The death of your mother forced the two of you apart. But now you have both grown, you’ve gone through school, and she is about to get married. Maybe now, both of you two can patch your relationship up.

Well, you could have anyway. Tragically, on the day of her wedding, Luisa was murdered. By whom, for what reasons, nobody knows. And it is what you set out to do as you explore your old childhood home, to uncover the mystery once and for all.

You quickly discover that things are possibly worse than you thought...but perhaps, they can also get better. For you see, your home is now inhabited by an otherworldly being, possibly a ghost or demon. It does not matter.

What does is that he has an offer: by leading you through Luisa’s memories, not only will you find out what circumstances led to her death, but you just might have a chance to prevent it from happening in the first place!

The only caveat: if you fail…your soul is his.

Keep Your Head On, You’ll Need It

Grim Tales: The Bride is not an adventure game for the faint of heart. You will be exploring the dark dreary depths of a Victorian manor that long gone into decay.

Termites feast on the woodwork, vegetation has overrun the gardens, and ghastly skeletons hang limply from nooses. And you’ll be figuring out firsthand the tragic history of this place.

If you are familiar with the adventure game genre, however, you should be at home a little bit more safely, for Grim Tales: The Bride has everything you have come to enjoy from these type of games!

  • Proceed through a series of progressively challenging hidden object games.
  • Solve a wide variety of brain-bending puzzles, including jigsaws and gear placement games.
  • Obtain useful items from the environment to help you in your mission, ranging from basic keys to unlock doors, to more creative tools, like machetes, torches, and even termites.

In-Depth Hint Guide Keeps You from Getting Lost

There are a lot of things to fear in Grim Tales: The Bride, but rest assured, frustration is not one of them.

  • On-hand journal records your current progress. Easy to understand notes remind you of interesting things you have found.
  • Periodic hints available for general progress or for the myriad of mini-games.
  • Multiple difficulty modes. Play on “Casual” if you want to experience the story, or go higher for added challenge.

Come to the Dark Side!

If you’re looking for a game where the ghosts and goblins come out to play, then Grim Tales: The Bride should be up your alley. It’s a dark, atmospheric adventure game with gorgeous visuals and a lovely soundtrack, combining all you need to an enjoy from an intriguing mystery game and a spooky horror story.

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Avg. Rating:  (0 Player Reviews)

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  • OS: 10.4+
  • 840 MB
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