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Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate

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Game Description

Enter the Seventh Gate!

Get ready for another whip-cracking adventure in the latest installment of the acclaimed globe-trotting puzzle-adventure series, Jewel Quest! Previously exploring exotic locales, ranging from Mayan ruins in sweltering jungles, to Egyptian tombs, Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate continues the pattern by delving into ancient Greek civilization.

A Family Outing Turned Sour

This time around, you will be hopping into the shoes of Emma, wife of adventurer archeologist Rupert, and mother of Natalie. After her latest lecture tour got canceled, Emma comes home to find her family has already gone off exploring an island just off the coast of Greece. She decides to surprise them by tracking them down and joining in on the fun!

But after covering their tracks, our heroine soon realizes that things may not be nearly as hunky-dory as she thought. And worse, a volcano is set to blow the island sky high! Will Emma be able to find and rescue her family and escape in time?

It’s going to be a long journey fraught with many different types of challenges. But with your help, Emma just might succeed!

Look for Hidden Treasures

Among Emma’s trials, she will have to uncover items, both special and mundane, to follow the trail. It will not be easy though, for they are hidden amongst the clutter of other things and can be just as easily pass over with a lazy eye. Be sharp and vigilant!

• Look through beautifully drawn, detailed, and animated backgrounds, both static and scrolling to find everything that you can!
• Solve environment-based puzzles, using some found objects to locate and obtain others.
• Randomized lists ensure no two games will ever be alike!
• Buy hints by uncovering specially made lion-headed gold coins.
• Locate jewels to purchase upgrades and powers to be used in Jewel Board challenges.

Piece Together Maps

As Emma journeys onward, she will come across maps detailing just where she needs to go. Sadly, they seldom will ever be in one piece, so it will be up to her to put them back together again, jigsaw puzzle style.

• Rotate and pan pieces around to position and align them properly.
• Easy snap-on features make putting the map together a…snap of course!
• Convenient and unobtrusive background guide shows you how your finished map should look.

Match Shiny Gems

No Jewel Quest game is complete without a perusal of the famed Jewel Board! Play the easy-to-learn but addictively complex game of Match 3. Meet the par in the allotted time to advance. Using jewels located elsewhere in the adventure, purchase powers and abilities to make your gem-swapping more convenient and easy, including:

• Target Blast, to remove jewels of specific colors.
• Free Swap, to swap any two adjacent jewels without needing to match them up!
• Row Clearer, to wipe out an entire row of jewels right there on the spot!

Experiment and find which powers work best for you!

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