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Explore Kolyma to Defeat an Evil Witch and Rescue a Fair Maiden!

King’s Quest 2

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Game Description

A King’s Quest for a Queen

Since successfully recovering the three treasures in his previous adventure, Sir Graham has been crowned as king of Daventry. However, though his rule so far has been marked with peace and prosperity, he has found that adjusting to his new life has been difficult at best. It’s no longer marked by thrilling adventure, but simple and mundane politics. More than anything else, it feels a little lonely.

Fortunately, while gazing reflectively into his magic mirror, Graham sees an image of a beautiful woman locked in a tower. Knowing what he must do, he sets aside his crown, puts on his favorite hat, and takes his sword as he voyages to the neighboring land of Kolyma, where he will hopefully find his future bride and queen.

Improving on a Classic

King’s Quest II: Romancing the Stones is the second entry in the critically-acclaimed King’s Quest series. Originally released in 1985 as Romancing the Throne, it continued Graham’s story and laid the foundation for future chapters in the saga. Today, it has been remade and re-released with a host of new features and improvements that should delight veterans and newcomers to the series alike.

• Features updated visuals for a cleaner and more detailed look, all the while maintaining a distinct retro appearance.
• New point-and-click mouse controls provide a far more intuitive experience.
• A revamped story that goes into greater detail and fills in the blanks left over from the original game.
• Improved puzzles with more variation and intuitiveness than ever before.
• Newly recorded audio speech for all characters, complete with some of the original actors reprising their roles!

Continuing the Adventure

Like its predecessor, King’s Quest II drops you into a sizable game world that you are free to explore at your own pace. There’s no set path to follow or correct way to proceed. All you’ll find here is the thrill of discovery as you use your brains, not your brawn, to succeed.

• Explore all new lands, collect new items, face new dangers, and solve new puzzles!
• Interact with the environment in a variety of ways! Everything can be examined, and anything can play a part in completing your quest.
• Encounter a colorful cast of characters, including the Pegasus, Little Red Riding Hood and even Dracula himself!

A Worthy Successor

King’s Quest II was a strong continuation of the first game, and this new remake is no different. It has the same emphasis on exploration, similarly brain-bending puzzles, and a playful narrative set in a world inspired by fairy tales. It’s also completely free. Even if all you have is passing interest, there’s no reason to refuse the call to this adventure!

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