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Life Quest

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Attractive art style.
  • Nice amount of customization.
  • Open-ended gameplay once you unlock Free Play.


  • Overly forgiving which decreases challenge.
  • Annoying voice acting.



Life Quest Review Summary

Game Description

Live Another Life!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like after leaving high school?

Okay, dumb question. You’ve probably already gone through, or are going to experience it in good time. Either way, you don’t have much of a choice. But now, you do, or can get a “sneak peak” of sorts, with Life Quest!

You will take control of a young man or lady fresh out of high school, and navigate him or her through the trials and tribulations of, you guessed it, life! Where they will go, what kind of career they will lead, and how they will compare to their old buddies from high school, is all up to you!

Drowning in Options!

You’ll get a good look at how open Life Quest is immediately after beginning a new game. Put together a unique avatar by selecting from dozens of faces, poses, body shapes, and endless amounts of color for you skin, hair, and eyes.

Customize your look even further by purchasing a wide selection of clothes, including T-shirts, shoes, skirts, pants, and jackets, and add colorize those to your tastes too!

And from there…your options explode! Like any ambitious youth braving it out in the real world, you’ll want to get a job to earn some income. You’ll want to advance your education in college. You’ll want to get a vehicle to quickly go from place to place. You’ll want to get a nice, fully furnished home.

And…well, let’s just say that you’re going to want to get a lot of things done before you get old. It’s not going to be fast or easy, but they don’t call it Life Quest for no reason.

Get a Job…And Advance a Career!

Like any inexperienced graduate, your available job opportunities are going to be meager. You’ll have to toil away at unexciting things like a newspaper delivery, car washing, or cooking at a fast food restaurant.

But just like real life, it’s all about starting at the bottom and working your way up. Work for a while, get experienced, and you will soon qualify for more interesting, high paying jobs! Attain additional skills by taking classes at the local colleges, and you can truly broaden your horizons!

There are hundreds of jobs available and innumerable ways for your character to push his or her career. Your once lowly fry cook could end up as the CEO of a whole chain of restaurants, or even go elsewhere as a journalist, film director, or musician.

Make the Most of It

You’re not getting any younger. You only have so many Time Units to expend each day, and every activity, from working, studying, and traveling will eat it up like no tomorrow.

So you have to balance yourself between your wants and your needs, spend your time and money wisely, and always be prepared for what could be awaiting on the horizon.

In Life Quest, it’s your new life. Live it as you choose!

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210  (12 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

54321 Review: Life Quest, Apr 25, 2011


Great game! It was fun and creative but in my opinion too short. I didn’t really like the the requirements for beating the game though (having babies…etc.). Better than life story, though it is quite similar.

54321 Life Quest, Apr 02, 2011


Life Quest is a special game - it’s actually good. I enjoy very few games. Wedding Dash, Diner Dash, Wedding Salon, Sims, Black Ops. Those are basically the only games I like.

Now, Life Quest is one of them.

It shows the wide variety of choices you can make in your own life; what career, partner, pets, ect. ect.
Sure, it is limited - but aren’t jobs limited in real life too?

It doesn’t only focus on careers, but also on the characters well being, future, family and health; very important factors of life. Most games on life tend to focus on the career, and completely abandon the rest of it. This is what makes this game so special - it actually gives you what your first impression on it will be. It’s called Life Quest, and that’s what it gives you. A virtual life.

54321 So addictive!, Mar 16, 2011


I recently discovered this site after searching in stores for games to play on my Mac. There is such a big gap in the market which is why I was so excited to stumble across this site. Life Quest was the first game I downloaded. The game is utterly addicting! It’s full of fun challenges and real life strategy. Highly recommended!

54321 Life Quest = Addicting, Feb 04, 2011


Life Quest is a challenging, smart, and creative game that can make you think and challenge yourself to solve the problems you run into. This game is one of my favorite games. Yes, you can say I’m addicted to it. Ever since I bought it, it’s all I could think about. Trust me you will never ever get bored from it. It is simply AMAZING.

54321 As Life Is!, Jan 26, 2011


This game is like life its self. You face with situations as you would real life, good, bad, lonely, and sad. You could just about play off of every emotion. You decide what you want and the game allow you to make chooses of everyday life. you make mistakes in real like and you know what they are don’t mess up know. Its like having a second life a second chances! TAKE IT! IT YOURS!

Don’t believe me email me @:

43211 Pretty nice game but too short, Jan 13, 2011


Being a student and a part time worker myself it was actually a very colourful game. If you are a student or a graduate I bet you would really enjoy playing the game. It is also similar to “The Sims”. However I took a star away because it is too short, I actually completed it in just a single sitting.

54321 Awesome game!, Dec 08, 2010


This game is so much fun! It kept me occupied for hours! You should get it, you’ll fall in love! I likve all of the choices there are. Although its not very advanced, it satisfying.

43211 Great game!, Nov 23, 2010


this game was awesome.

43211 Life Quest, Nov 21, 2010


Life Quest is a fun virtual reality game that allows you to build your life after college. Life Quest is very fun, and you will enjoy playing it for hours.

43211 Life Quest !!, Nov 18, 2010


This game rocks ! i could see it geting old but its an amazing game !

54321 LifeQuest, Nov 17, 2010


I played a free trial from another site. It is a really good game and even a little educational ( for money management ). And, this site has it two dollars cheaper! I would recommend 10+ though. Very good gift for 10-13 year old

54321 Life Quest, Nov 14, 2010


it is a fun game that lets you try to bett you high school rivals with out lifting any fingers or breaking a sweat. it is a fun game that simulated life. you go day to day and if you don’t rest enough or you forget to eat, then you get penalized like in real life, you wont have as much energy. overall it is a very true simulation of real life. you must work eat sleep as well as other things. it is super fun and entertaining.

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  • OS: 10.7/10.6/10.5+
  • 65 MB
  • 60 minute free trial

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