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Destroy the Sphere Chains Before They Ravage All of Egypt! BBB Business Review

Luxor: 5th Passage

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Addictive and seldom seen puzzle gameplay.
  • Adds new flashy power-ups to the mix.
  • New “time attack” game mode.
  • Includes classic levels from previous Luxor games.


  • Not too many changes from the previous iterations.
  • Completely scraps the narrative elements.



Luxor 5th Passage Review Summary

Game Description

Not Your Usual Puzzle Game

Match three games are all well and good. They’re easy to get into, they reward keen eyes and fast reflexes, and they’re real shiny to boot! However, some might think they seem a little stiff and stilted, and perhaps could use a little more movement and dynamism.

This is where Luxor: 5th Passage comes in, an exciting series of games that blend together the mind-bending nature of puzzle games with the frenetic excitement of classic top-down shooters!

Every level has you face at least one chain of multicolored spheres that moves its way through the screen to reach your pyramid, and the only way to stop them is to match at least three spheres together to destroy the chain.

But you need to work fast, because should one of those orbs get into your pyramid, it’s all over!

• Sharp colorful graphics with fluidly animated spell effects and beautiful Egyptian art.
• Choose from four levels of difficulty.
• Grab gems as they fall to increase your score.

Use Magic

No game of Luxor is complete without a plethora of magical spells to bring further destruction to the malicious spheres of Set!

• Cast spells to destroy several spheres at once! Hurl balls of explosive fire, rain spears of penetrating lightning, or bring forth a devastating black hole.
• Take control of the battlefield. Reverse the chain’s movement, slow it down, or stop time completely!
• Summon sacred creatures, such as the scorpion, to further support your cause.
• Enhance your shots. Take the opportunity to fire two orbs at the same time.

Blast to the Past

If you’re unfamiliar with the previous entries in the Luxor series, have no fear! 5th Passage offers the People’s Choice, a selection of the most popular levels in the series yet! Play stages from all four previous games in any order and on any difficulty level. See if you can beat the high scores!

Beat the Clock

If you think Luxor has fast-paced gameplay, you haven’t seen anything yet. In Blast Mode, not only do you have to contend with the orbs snaking their way to your base, but also with time as well. There are only a few minutes available for you to cause as much destruction as possible.

If you want to succeed in this game, you’ve got to shoot fast and aim true.

Limitless Play

With four levels of difficulty, two distinct modes of play, dozens of power-ups, and hundreds of levels, there’s a lot to be found in Luxor: 5th Passage. Veterans of the series can enjoy all the new challenges and features, while newcomers can see for themselves what the series offers and get a sampling of its best moments.

So get ready and load your sphere launcher, because it’s sphere hunting season right now in Egypt!

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  • 64 MB
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