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Game Description

Just like the real game but better!

Now available for your Mac laptop or desktop is an excellent version of the classic Monopoly board game. Now you can see your game pieces move around the board with customized animation movement for each token. Enjoy a great 3D game board that zooms in and out of the action. Take control of the dice and shake them for a lucky roll to try and land on the perfect property!

Now you can play Monopoly whenever you want without the need for other players!

Want to practice your strategies? Can’t wait to see what properties you might be able to put hotels on? Can’t find another person to play with? No problem! You can play up to 3 different computer players with a range of difficulty settings.

New to Monopoly? Don’t remember how to play? Teacher Mode will walk you through the game

One excellent feature in this new version of Monopoly is Teacher Mode. Now you can start up a game and Teacher Mode will guide you through all the things you need to know to win. Learn what properties are good to buy. Find out how auctions work and strategies for bidding. Teacher Mode will even tell you the properties that statistically get landed on the most!

Customize the game with your own variation of the classic rules

Like many Monopoly players, maybe you have your own set of special rules when playing the board game. Want to reward players with cash for landing on Free Parking or GO? Want to randomly distribute some or all of the properties at the start of the game? No problem! You can do all this and more with the House Rules customization option.

Speed up the game with special options

Don’t have time to play a normal length game? Here are some ways you can make the game go faster:

  • Distribute some or all of the properties at the beginning of the game
  • Turn of animations
  • Turn off auctions
  • Use speed arrows to hurry your game pieces along

Keep track of your stats and win/loss records

This new Monopoly version will also keep track of your wins and losses at the various difficulty levels. Don’t like your stats? Just clear them and start over! The game will also keep track of the most popular dice rolls so you can get an idea of probabilities. You may not be a numbers junky, but having a little knowledge of what are the most popular dice rolls can help you know when and where to build houses and hotels!

A terrific version at a terrific price

Take advantage of this great new version of Monopoly at a killer price. Download the free trial and experience the fun of Monopoly for yourself!

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43211  (1 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

43211 a perfect stimulation of board game, May 21, 2013


this is one o the most well developed board game till date
the best part is the ease in which one player, i mean only one player can actually enjoy the monopoly gem which was supposed to be for 2 or more
the game has certain facilities which enable a player to play his game with more focus and even most important enjoy

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  • OS: 10.8/10.7+
  • 103 MB
  • 60 minute free trial

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