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Become a Better Poker Player With This Free Texas Hold'Em Game!


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Game Description

Texas Hold'Em is Great, Free is Even Better!

PokerTH is much more than a simple poker game. It is a free community-driven open-source Texas Hold 'em platform that provides a genuine poker experience on PCs, Macs and Linux machines, both online and off.

Players can play locally, locally via LAN or online using the PokerTH dedicated servers. Online, players can participate in an authentic cardroom experience. PokerTH hosts tournaments, and they even have leaderboards that track community progress.

Game Features

  • Real Texas Hold 'em poker experience
  • Completely free locally, via LAN and online
  • True poker AI including bluffing and distinctions
  • Expansive customization options
  • Awesome solitaire alternative


No game can be all things to all people, no matter how well designed it is. We all have different preferences. PokerTH, however, overcomes this limitation brilliantly by employing a community-powered plug-in architecture.

By default, PokerTH looks a lot like classic FreeCell. If you don’t like the default deck, simply download and install one of the many custom decks available free. If you don’t like the tabletop, download a new one, change the color of the old top or rearrange its aspects.

Strong Artificial Intelligence

The reason why poker software isn’t more popular is the complexity. The basic game itself isn’t complex, but the thought process required to make it through a single hand is. Most software avoids it altogether and supports only the human player, which limits its usefulness.

PokerTH, on the other hand, has AI that “understands” Texas Hold 'em. It can even bluff, and it’s versatile enough to power ten distinct computer opponents that actually play differently.

The Solitaire Alternative

The best aspect of this potent AI is the possibilities for solitaire (play by yourself against the computer). Solitaire is the most popular and accessible computer game around, but up until now, our most sophisticated choice has been Hearts.

Most of the time, we play Solitaire or FreeCell, but now we can play PokerTH by setting it to use one to nine computer opponents. We can play individual lightning hands, or we can set big bankrolls for a marathon session that will hone our skills for the real deal.

PokerTH Online

AI-powered Texas Hold 'em solitaire is a great game, but it’s nothing like the thrill of playing against human opponents. Using the free PokerTH dedicated servers, you can play against strangers online. Play in casual games, enter tournaments or even immerse yourself in the PokerTH leaderboard system.

This system is a great way to have free online fun, but it’s also the perfect way to hone your skills and to track your progress against players of all skill levels!

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