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The Price is Right

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Game Description

Bring the TV Game Show to Life - You're the Next Contestant!

You know what it's like to watch The Price is Right and know that you could have made a much better guess than the contestant - so here's your chance! Experience playing the game show any time you want without moving from your computer. You'll feel like you're really on TV as you listen to the cheering crowd and guess the prices of various products to win virtual money, sailboats, tropical vacations and more!

Guess the Correct Prices of Items to Win Big

Come on down to Contestant's Row and battle it out with three other contestants to guess the price of a product like a patio heater to the nearest dollar without going over. If you guess the closest, not only do you win the fabulous virtual item but you also move on to play pricing games! But if you lose, you get a strike, and after three strikes, it's game over.

This game features 16 fun pricing games straight from the TV show. Earn big bucks by guessing the prices of various real items like brand name paper towels or cookies. Play great games like Cliff Hangers where you must guess the prices of various objects and for every dollar that you are over or under, a simulated hiker takes a step up the mountain. When he takes so many steps, he falls off the cliff and you lose. Other pricing games include Plinko, Master Key, Push Over and many more.

Then you move on to The Big Wheel where you get two spins to get as close to one dollar as you can. If you do well, you and an opponent will move on to the Showcase Showdown where you will guess the combined value of various elaborate prizes like a ten-day cruise on the Pacific Ocean or a brand new van. Can you guess the closest price without going over?

Awesome Multiplayer Modes

Not only is this addictive game great for entertaining you, but with the Party Mode, you can play with up to three friends on the same computer! Or try the Rank Me In mode to see how you compare to other people playing and even create groups of players to compete with on the Internet. With these fun modes and tons of fabulous prizes to win, this game is right for everyone!

You're the new contestant on The Price is Right! Play now to rack up the biggest winnings and become the best contestant!

The Price is Right Player Reviews

Average Rating: 54321  (1 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

54321 Love it, Nov 22, 2010


I love watching and playing The price is right.
The prices are realistic and it makes you think “what is the price of this”?
I play a lot on facebook, when it works, which is also a lot of FUN.
You get to play against your friends and random people.
The only drawback are those contestants that have a list of the prices which is so ridiculous. It’s game for crying out loud. All they do is take the fun out of it.
I have decided to buy the full version even though I get lots of coins when I play online, but it hardly works lately so I’ll just get the full version, hopefully it gives the option to play online.

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  • OS: 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)+
  • 115 MB
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