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Roads of Rome II

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Game Description

The Emperor Has Been Poisoned!

Rome’s beloved emperor, Caesar, has come under attack! This time it is not from any blade or arrow, but an insidious poison that threatens to kill him from the inside. The high priest can only do so much; it seems that the only way to save him will be to appeal to the gods.

As both Caesar’s most trusted general and the husband of his daughter, Julia, it is your duty to speak to the four gods in the only way a Roman knows how, by building a road! With luck, your perseverance will impress the gods enough that they will administer a cure for the ailing emperor.

So gather your most loyal soldiers and laborers, because you will carve a path through the most dangerous and uncivilized lands yet.

Ensuring All Roads Lead to Rome

In Roads of Rome 2, your diligent workers will build a road that stretches across over 40 levels in four distinct regions. Your road will span the cliffs of the land of air, wind through the watery tunnels in the land of water, and dangle precariously over the lava pits in the land of fire!

• Construct roads, build bridges, dam up flooded areas, set up ladders, use magical teleportation devices, and more!
• Gather and manage four resources, including gold, lumber, stone and food.
• Explore caverns to find hidden treasures and power-ups.
• Collect flowers, crystals and other items to please the gods and earn their assistance in your quest.

Build More than Just Roads

Road construction is hard work. If you hope to tame this uncivilized land, you’ll need more than just ample supplies and hardy workers.

• Build resource mills to increase your general income! Set up sawmills to get more lumber, pig farms to accumulate more food, and quarries to gather more stone.
• Establish settlements, houses and shrines.
• Get around the map faster by building docking stations for your boats and hot air balloons.

It’s Going to be a Bumpy Road

The Roman Empire did not get to where it was without facing its fair share of obstacles along the way, and neither will you in Roads of Rome 2. You’ll encounter many challenges during your journey, and only your prowess will allow you to conquer them!

• Face fearsome barbarians!
• Clear away boulders that impede your progress.
• Chase off frightening monsters.
• Race against time! The Emperor is dying after all, so work fast and efficiently.

Paving the Way

The Roads of Rome series gives you a time management game like no other. You’re not just setting out to accomplish a number of arbitrary goals every mission, you are literally carving a path to victory!

If converting remote wilderness into perfectly civilized land sounds appealing to you, then it is high time that you do as the Romans do, and pick up this latest edition of Roads of Rome!

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 54321  (1 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

54321 Roads of Rome II , Jun 26, 2013


It’s a very nice game! You need to complete certain task in limited time and you have to plan through it before you making any decision. I would say it is a mind stimulated game and require skill to complete the game! Nice game!

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