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Continue the Globe-Trotting Adventure as the Mystery of Isis Deepens! BBB Business Review

Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Cool-looking noir aesthetic.
  • Interesting mystery story.
  • Adds some innovative tricks to the hidden object games.


  • Repetitive HOGs.
  • Some unintuitive puzzles.
  • Cliffhanger ending.
  • Clunky interface.



Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues Review Summary

Game Description

The Journey…Continues! With a Bit of a Snag…

Picking up from where the previous Serpent of Isis left off, our hero Robert Higgins continues to delve into his family’s past and its involvement with the titular stolen painting.

Stopping off at New York City to visit his friend, Professor Thomas Penroy, he discovers that someone already beat him to it; the apartment is ransacked and the good professor is gone!

It looks like things are getting more dangerous for Robert, but he will not be deterred. Even in the face of an international conspiracy that is beginning to turn its attention towards him, he’ll use his every resource to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all!

Travel the World!

The path set out for Robert is a long and convoluted one that spans the entire globe. And onward he will go, following the path set forth by his grandfather so many years ago.

• Detailed graphics that seem to put you inside a living graphic novel!
• Travel from Central Park, to Paris, to Venice, to the Temple of Isis itself!
• Intriguing mystery story told over a course of seven chapters!

Look for Hidden Objects!

Just like how the devil is in the details, clues are hidden within the piles and shelves. And if Robert wants to see his investigation to the end, he’ll have to do a lot of searching. Better shine up your glasses if you have them, you’re going to be looking long and hard.

• Expansive lists of objects to uncover!
• Unparalleled interactivity! Finding object is not as simple as just picking them up, you might need to take multiple steps and solve puzzles within the hidden object games to get them!
• Obtain key items to unlock objects in the hidden object segments. Need a gumball from a vending machine? Look around on the street for a coin to purchase it.

Never Get Lost!

Just because Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues is a mystery doesn’t mean you always need to be left in the dark.

• Onboard hint system is ready to point you to where you need to go or where something important can be found.
• Be careful! Even hints need to cool down after being exhausted. Use them only when you need them.
• Includes map feature to mark your current location and instantly warp you to any previously visited area. No more backtracking!
• Choose your level of difficulty! Play Casual mode to experience the story, or Advanced to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test.

Return to the Adventure

Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues does exactly that as it continues the story of Robert, his grandfather, and the illustrious missing painting. It isn’t going to find itself, and Robert can’t retrieve it alone.

So if you want to see the mystery to its thrilling conclusion, then get into his shoes, grab a passport, and continue the journey today!

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  • 458 MB
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