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Build Roads, Railways, and More to Help Your Civilization Flourish!


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Game Description

Construct Your Route to Victory

Transportation and the exchange of people, products, and ideas has been a vital component of the growth of civilization. It is a wonder, then, that so few games in the simulator genre have really touched up on it. Enter Simutrans a game that truly emphasizes the importance of transportation and its place in revolution.

You will be building roads, railways, canals, and all other manner of routes necessary to move great quantities of people and goods from one area to another. You will be connecting settlements backed by different but compatible economies to build a vast, complex, and nearly global one on the in-game map.

Be careful, for your funds are limited, jut like in the real world. Be as efficient as possible. Accumulate your money as everyone else in game builds up their wealth, and you can make your roads that much better in the future!

Start Small…

In the beginning of Simutrans, every settlement starts out small, poor, and mostly isolated. Only a nearby factory, like an oil refinery, coal mine, or timber plantation, can provide any monetary sustenance. But in order for things to get kick-started, they need to be connected. That’s where you come in.

By building the proper route of your choice, whether that’s via trucks on the road or steam locomotives on the tracks, you can allow these settlements to start trading!

Build a railroad between the timber plantation and a paper factory, and you’ll start producing paper. Build some roads from the paper-making settlement to other areas that can buy and use the paper to produce additional goods like books if there’s a bookshop nearby, or a newspaper if a printing press is present. And so on, and so on. Everyone in the world of Simutrans depends on one another!

…Build Large

And it does not end there, not by a long shot! As the settlements get richer, they become larger, both in population and area, right before your eyes! Eventually, they’re no longer little village, but vast cities! New industries sprout from them, and more different kinds of goods become necessary. And so the cycle continues.

It is up to you to stay with the times and construct even more intricate transportation routes, using better materials and technologies. Keep the economy flourishing, or risk stagnation and eventually, complete collapse! Simutrans puts you in charge of society’s growth!

A Worthy Sim for the Curious

And do you want to know the best part? Simutrans is completely free and open source! New stuff is always being made for a game that’s already overflowing with content and that can easily be played away into the night. And there is no reason to wait if you have even a passing interest in this new kind of simulator. So hop on Simutrans today and enjoy the ride! Or rather make the ride to be enjoyed!

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