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We are sorry, but this game is no longer available for download.

Game Description

Welcome to Stardust, a game of problem-solving and logic.

The plot is simple: two people have been lost in the surreal universe of the stardust, a kind of matter that is easily manipulated by thought. There are many kinds of stardust: some kinds can be created at will, others are permanent and immobile, while others still have strange effects on the heroes. Unfortunately, the two have somehow become separated from each other, lost in the tangle of portals and strange obstacles. Their only hope: to find each other, by using the portals to jump from plane to plane.

Your job is to navigate through the Stardust environment, finding ways to reach the various portals therein. You have only a scant few powers to help you - the ability of your mind to create and destroy barriers of stardust, and to use those barriers to levitate.

With those powers and (most likely) the frequent use of the Restart command, you must get through fifty of the stardust levels. Good luck.


All game play in Stardust is through the keyboard. To make the game convenient for all Macintosh users, two sets of keyboard commands are provided:

For Standards Keyboards:

  • ‘A' = Walk Left
  • ‘D' = Walk Right
  • ‘W' = Up
  • ‘S' = Crouch

For Extended Keyboards:

  • ‘Left Arrow' = Walk Left
  • ‘Right Arrow' = Walk Right
  • ‘Up Arrow' = Up
  • ‘Down Arrow' = Down

For both keyboards:

  • ‘SPACE' - or - ‘RETURN' = Magic

Note that these keys can be used in combination. For example, to levitate magically, use the Up key and the Magic key together. Note also that a reminder of these keys can be found in the "Instructions" item of the "Information" menu in the game.

Stardust Player Reviews

Average Rating: 54321  (2 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

54321 sorry its gone, Nov 09, 2013


This was a great game. Each level became progressively more difficult and challenging.
It’s a shame it is no longer available.Would love to find it again!

54321 GREAT puzzle game!, May 27, 2011


I loved playing this game when i was a young girl. I always loved puzzles, and this was a game that was simple enough for me to move around, and complex enough that i could only pass the first 10 levels by myself. I never completed the game as I got frustrated when the levels got too high for my mental capacities at the time, but it was my favorite computer game, and I’d like to try it again if I can find it.


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