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The Fool

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Puzzles are challenging without being too difficult.
  • Artwork is very well done.
  • The story is engaging and will keep players hooked for the entire game.


  • The game doesn't offer much replay value.
  • Ends too soon; the game could have been much longer.



The Fool Review Summary

Game Description

A Troubled Kingdom

Times are tough in the kingdom of Dragonfang. The economy is in the latrine, jobs are scarce, and one never knows when another epidemic of plague or blight will break out. But worst of all, a dragon has recently appeared, spreading fear and terror across the land. The good king has promised a hefty reward for any man brave and skillful enough to slay the beast; his beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage and half the kingdom to boot! But so far, no one has succeeded. The dragon is too strong, too fearsome. It is said that only a fool would possibly try and fight the monster.

A Fool’s Errand

A fool, they say? Looks like you may have finally found a way to put those meager skills of yours to use in these harsh economic times! Thus begins the quest of The Fool, a fantasy adventure game where you play as the most unlikely and unexpected of heroes Dragonfang will ever see. You may not have a sword…or a lot of combat experience…or any money…or much in the way of common sense…but you do have courage and heroic resolve. And that has got to count for something, right? Maybe not, but that does not mean you’re not going to at least try.

Explore a Beautiful World

Embark on a journey across five imaginative chapters. Explore the fantastical and anachronistic world of The Fool, from the capital of Dragonfang and its outskirts, through the dark world of Mortenland, to the lair of the fire-breather himself, all within a series of wonderfully drawn and animated environments.

Overcome Challenges and Obstacles, not with Brawn, but with Brainpower!

…Or at least what little you can muster. There is no shortage of things to do or problems to solve. Gather a full suit of armor to pass through a restricted road, barter with a lowly prisoner for items you need, look for hidden passages in the wall and floors of darkened corridors, or find a way to grow a magical plant in no time flat. Solve unique puzzles, participate in scavenger hunts, and interact with the world and characters to see your adventure to completion!

Take Part in a Whimsical and Humorous Story

Speak with quirky characters for equally quirky dialogue. Get inside the head of the titular fool as he comes up with strange and roundabout ways to beat all odds and save the day. We’re as eager to entertain you as we are to make you think!

A Game for the Adventurer in All of Us

With a familiar and easy to learn point-and-click interface and extensive hint system to help you any time you hit the wall, The Fool is the game for anybody with a need to lose him or herself in another timely and light-hearted adventure. So don’t wait, come on down to Dragonfang, stick a blade of grass in your teeth, and slay that dragon today!

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  • OS: 10.5+
  • 265 MB
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