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Challenge Human and AI Opponents in TORCS, an Exhilarating High-Speed Racing Game!

The Open Racing Car Simulator

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We are sorry, but this game is no longer available for download.

Game Description

Test-Drive a True High-Speed Experience!

Racing is an immensely popular genre, and there is no shortage of racing games on the market. Many even deliver sights and sounds that will push your hardware to its limits, but very few of those games actually deliver on that potential.

The Open Racing Car Simulator, TORCS for short, is one of the most beautiful exceptions ever devised. This furious unbridled speed will leave you with sweaty palms and cursing at the screen as your opponent slingshots into first and across the finish line.

Challenge Your Opponents in 40+ Racecars and on 30+ Tracks

Out of the box, TORCS includes 40+ distinct modern racecars and 30+ highly detailed tracks that each challenges you in its own way. Some are real-world tracks and others are innovations.

Better yet, TORCS has a large and flourishing community of modelers and game designers trying to earn a place for their car or track in the next default install. What this means for you is a near limitless array of user-ranked racecars and tracks to download and install. The “replayability” is truly impressive and practically infinite.

True Racing AI That Outshines Top Retail Options

Plenty of racing games dazzle you with graphics and sound effects but leave you feeling flat as you begin to master the game. The AI simply isn’t there to challenge you long-term, and this is what sets TORCS apart from other virtual racing experiences. TORCS delivers leading-edge racing AI: the community challenges it, and the developers consistently improve on it. You can even download additional “bots,” which allows for multi-car races, each car controlled by a distinct AI module.

Awesome Gameplay Powered by Precise Customizable Control

By default, TORCS uses the keyboard arrows, and it performs well enough in this manner. However, it’s with the use of a gamepad and steering wheel that TORCS really begins to shine.

Moreover, unlike the retail options, TORCS doesn’t limit you to a subset of controllers. You can find a host of profiles for any controller on the market, including obscure, high-end wheels, and as soon as a new controller comes available, the community posts a controller scheme for you to download and use.

TORCS Offers Unparalleled, Uninhibited Customization

What stands out most about TORCS is your ability to tailor it to your preferences. If you don’t like a particular sound effect, you can swap it with your own or any of the many available for download. If you don’t like the interface, you download a mod that completely reinvents the AI. If you’re an artist, you can develop your own car models and tracks, and if you’re a programmer, you can create your own bots, cars and tracks. The possibilities are endless.

TORCS delivers:

  • 3D graphics via OpenGL
  • Multiple camera angles
  • 40+ built-in car models
  • 30+ built-in racing tracks
  • 6 distinct racing styles
  • Many more cars and tracks available for free download

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 54321  (1 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

54321 fast, Oct 06, 2014


I love Racing Car Simulator.


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