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Urban Legends: The Maze

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Unique premise.
  • Detailed visuals and cutscenes.
  • Includes a map for easy navigation.
  • Fun minigames.


  • A lot of annoying backtracking.
  • Illogical and restrictive inventory puzzles.
  • Erratic difficulty.
  • Repetitive.



Urban Legends: The Maze Review Summary

Game Description

A Ratings Disaster at the Worst Possible Moment

The Maze has been nothing short of a miracle for the network! Despite costing only a fraction as much as a regular show, it pulls in exponentially more viewings than anything on TV! It’s the hottest reality show on the air right now!

And after one action-packed season, plans are being drawn up for the future as the grand finale is airing, completely live. The five remaining contestants are ready to tackle their greatest challenge yet, and...

... Something happens. Something very wrong. The camera goes off, the show is cut in broadcast and when the lights come back on, all of the contestants are gone!

Naturally, this is a disaster of epic proportions! The ratings will plummet, the sponsors will pull their advertising, and the second season will surely be canceled. Oh, yeah, and the missing people, that’s a tragedy waiting to happen, especially once their loved ones catch on and sue.

Something needs to be done fast. Hopefully, a skilled detective like you will be good enough to find out what happened, save the show, and maybe find those contestants before it’s too late.

A Unique and Detailed Adventure

The best thing about the Maze is you never know what to expect! And that doesn’t just apply to the show; it’s for the very studio you’ll explore!

• Features sharply detailed visuals and action-packed cutscenes to get you closer to the action!
• Play challenging hidden object game in unexpected locations. Search for items under the snarling gaze of a leopard!
• Play a variety of minigames. Crack a safe, repair electronic circuits, get a gearbox working and more!
• Avoid and overcome deadly traps and obstacles by solving a wide arrangement of overarching and multifaceted puzzles.

Solve Crime with Convenience

In Urban Legends: The Maze, you never once need to worry about getting stuck. The game comes packed with all manner of onboard assistance to make sure that this case gets closed with minimal frustration.

• In depth hint guide points to where you need to go
• Game journal records every clue you encounter
• Instructions for every unique minigame
• Introducing an interactive map to reach any and every accessible room instantly. Backtracking and excessive clicking is now a thing of the past!

Tune in for The Maze!

Tired of poking around the usual haunted houses and abandoned locales that are often part and parcel for the genre? Then maybe it’s time to switch to a different channel!

Urban Legends offers a different flavor than what you’re used to with The Maze! It’s ready to test your senses and mental prowess and give you all the intrigue and mystery that you love in a setting that you’ve never imagined!

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Avg. Rating:  (0 Player Reviews)

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  • OS: 10.4+
  • 952 MB
  • 60 minute free trial

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