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Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown

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Game Description

Explore the Portals and find the Missing Geologists!

It's isn't the usual hidden object game scenario: you are Veronica Rivers, a rescue pilot stationed at the North Pole, who receives an S.O.S. distress code from a team of geologists in Alaska. Little do you know that this mission will lead to a life altering journey, as you stumble upon portals which whisk you away to locations all around the globe.

Starting from the jungles of Laos, work to unravel the story behind the missing geologists and what they uncovered. As you go about this, you'll be asked to find hundreds of objects hidden in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

Refined Gameplay

Veronica Rivers - Portals to the Unknown presents a game with all the classic elements of a hidden object romp. Unlike many other hidden object games, the items are actually relevant to the location or story, so you won't be searching for a pretzel in an underwater cave.

The items also come with a description of their use or relevancy to the story, and if you ever get stuck you can always call upon your hints to find those tough to find items. Also, there is no time limit to solving the puzzles so you can take the game at your own pace.

Challenging and Compelling

With an engrossing story and gorgeous hand-drawn atmospheric graphics, Veronica Rivers - Portals to the Unknown presents an extremely well put together hidden object game. It's interesting and unique plot make you want to keep playing, and the fun mini-game challenges add a bit of variety to keep things interesting.

The music and sound effects are fantastic and breathe life into the game. You have the option to go back and play puzzles over and over, with most items in different places, which helps to add a replay factor to the game.

If you are a fan of hidden object games, download Veronica Rivers - Portals to the Unknown today and begin the planet wide search!


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