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Westward IV: All Aboard

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DFMG Exclusive Review


  • Surprisingly deep strategy gameplay.
  • Charming visuals and music.
  • Fun little story to follow.
  • Large maps encourage ample exploration.


  • Voice clips get repetitive quickly.
  • Really slow beginning.



Westward IV Review Summary

Game Description

Trouble on the Homestead

Yeehaw! You can hear it, can you? The west beckons. There’s gold in them hills, sunshine to be had for all, and a bunch of mighty fine cowpokes looking for work.

And there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, as siblings Anne and Henry are about to find out.

After being gone for over a year each, they find that both their childhood homestead and the train station just aren’t what they used to be. Buildings are falling apart, crops aren’t growing, and the trains just don’t come by any more.

Why? Because Papa Turner, the man responsible for keeping the town running, disappeared not six months ago. Looks like it’s going to be up to Anne and Henry to get everything back in working order again. And hopefully, in the process, find out what happened to Pops.

Settle Down

In Westward IV: All Aboard, it’s your job to take control of the Turner siblings and turn their ailing hometown back around. It won’t be easy, but you’ve got plenty of tools at your disposal.

• Build your town from the ground up, settling on any layout that you want!
• Construct and upgrade over a dozen buildings, including farms, houses, blacksmiths, coal mines and bakeries, all of which provide benefits and necessities to your little piece of Heaven.
• Extend your railroad to connect one town to the next.
• Gather and manage five resources: food, water, lumber, gold and coal.

More Interaction Than One Person Can Handle

The world of Westward IV: All Aboard is alive, and there’s no shortage of things to do. If anything, it’s too much for one person to tackle, which is why you’ll want to hire some help from the locals.

• Carefully manage your workers to do many different jobs. Assign farmers to produce food, miners to extract coal and gold, shopkeepers to run stores, and more!
• Dynamic character moods that change based on the environment and your actions! It’s up to you to make sure your workers are happy, active, fed and sheltered. Otherwise they might just ditch you. Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of you.
• Defend what’s yours from opportunistic rustlers and bandits.

Be a Pioneer!

Building is not all there is to find in Westward IV. There’s plenty to explore too. The maps are huge and hiding all sorts of secrets, like useful supplies, buried treasure, and even side missions.

Go it alone, or control an entire party at once! It’s a big frontier out there…a big, colorful frontier filled with lovely sights that are guaranteed to not slow your system down!

Go West, Young Man, Go West!

Westward IV continues the series’ trademark blending of the strategy, time management, and RPG genres together seamlessly. If you just can’t get enough of the Wild West, and need a game that harkens back to it, then hop aboard today and go westward!

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43211  (1 Reviews) - Submit your own review!

43211 superb game, Dec 20, 2010


great storyline
great graphics
great sound
great action
so 4stars for each greatness….....maybe the best game i have played on the west

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  • OS: 10.4+
  • 85 MB
  • 60 minute free trial

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