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Drawn Dark Flight Review


  • Immersive storytelling will keep players enchanted for the duration of the game
  • Beautiful artwork, graphics and sound make this game an artistic triumph
  • Game often plays out in unexpected ways which keeps things interesting
  • Wide variety of puzzles and areas serve to keep things fresh
  • Ability to skip problematic puzzles means players of all skill levels can enjoy this game


  • Little replay value for players with sharp memories
  • Hint system is flawed and removes much of the challenge during gameplay
  • Some puzzles are overly frustrating

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Drawn Dark Flight Review

Another Strong Game In the Drawn Series

Drawn: Dark Flight is the second title in the Drawn series. This game builds on the events of previous title but it's still a stand alone game in its own right. Players new to the series could jump right in and play this title without feeling too lost since the game is pretty thorough in regards to explanations.

Incredibly Rich Storytelling

The area where this game really shines is in the depth and quality of the story. This game has been masterfully crafted to deliver a powerful storyline in the most epic and dramatic way possible. The ambiance, atmosphere and emotional tone are all amazing. It's honestly hard to decide whether Drawn: Dark Flight should be called a game or an experience.

Picture Perfect Artwork

Everything in this game has artistic merit, from the large cutscenes right down to the simple details like the menus. The art style is dark and foreboding, yet also whimsical and dreamlike. It brings the work of Tim Burton or the book Coraline to mind, but the underlying style is unique and all its own.

Color and tone are used masterfully to evoke specific emotions in players and the themes in this game are all quite beautiful. The red scarf is particularly powerful and is used throughout.

Most of the art looks like it was hand painted in oil paint which fits the storyline of the game well. It looks like a Grimm fairytale come to life.

Movie Quality Soundtrack

The score for this game is simply superb and serves to hook players before they even get to the gameplay. The choir vocals are ethereal and haunting, giving Drawn an epic vibe that carries throughout the entire game. The sound is always perfectly balanced and is never too quiet or too over the top.

Varied Gameplay Keeps Players on Their Toes

Drawn: Dark Tower is a very hard game to categorize because it defies any particular genre, being a fusion of several. It has moments of hidden object type gameplay but at other times it would be safe to classify it as a puzzle game.

At the heart of this title is adventuring, so perhaps it would be best classified as a point and click adventure RPG. Whatever it is, it's wonderful and engaging. It feels like playing through an interactive storybook, complete with narrator. The narrated cutscenes bring to mind bedtime stories from childhood. A very pleasant bit of nostalgia there.

It's always hard to predict exactly what the game is going to throw at you next, and this really adds to the adventurous feeling players get during gameplay. In the real world, you never really know what to expect during an adventure since real life doesn't follow an exact formula. Drawn: Dark Tower manages to feel random in the most genuine of ways. What kind of puzzle will stand in the way of the next necessary step on the path? It's hard to say.

Those looking for an amazing hidden object game might find themselves disappointed with the hidden object tasks in this title because they tend to be fairly obvious, especially to anyone who is accustomed to playing hidden object games. Dark Flight is less about hiding objects in plain sight and more about riddles and puzzles that stand in the way of players accessing necessary items.

Great Premise Creates Great Gameplay

Your goal is to help Iris escape the cruel king bent on her destruction. Iris is special because anything she draws is imbued with magic and comes to life. This concept isn't exactly new and has been used in a few other game titles in recent years, but the Drawn series has really played this idea to its fullest.

Thanks to the girl's magical paintings, players explore more than just the dark and dreary world of Stonebriar and end up in all kinds of colorful, vibrant and happy areas Iris drew. This was a really creative way to give the developers free reign in regards to settings for levels and it also keeps the game interesting since no two levels are exactly the same.

Difficulties With Difficulty Levels

The puzzles in this title tend to vary dramatically in difficulty, with some being relatively straightforward and others extremely difficult. Players have the option to skip a puzzle entirely after a set amount of time has passed, and this serves to keep the game moving. Patience is key to getting the most out of this title since it can be tempting to skip puzzles that might have been solvable if enough time had been spent on trying to solve them. Use the Skip Puzzle button responsibly!

Hint System Detracts From Gameplay

The hint system in Dark Flight is different from the first game, and not for the better.

In the first game, players could only ask for hints after a set period of time and then had to wait for the hint meter to fill up again before asking for another. In this game, an unlimited number of hints may be asked for at any given time and the game will give the answer to the puzzle or area if hints are asked for enough. Serious gamers should use the hint button sparingly in order to get the most out of this game.

Conclusion – Great Story and An Immersive Experience Worth Trying

Overall, Drawn: Dark Tower is a game that appeals to a broad range of players. Those curious enough to work through the story in order to see what happens next will enjoy this title very much. Others who require a lot of fighting or action in order to stay interested in a game will likely find themselves losing interest in this laid back title quickly.

Casual gamers looking for an immersive story experience with a little bit of everything in terms of gameplay will find no better fit than Drawn: Dark Tower.

Review by Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn is a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games.

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