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Governor of Poker Review


  • Lots of rewards to unlock will keep players busy for hours
  • Enjoyable Texas hold'em gameplay
  • Accessible to beginners


  • Might be too simple for advanced poker players

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Governor of Poker Review

Intense Texas Hold'em Poker

Governor of Poker offers players the chance to relive the glory days of Wild West poker matches by allowing them to step into the shoes of a high-stakes gambler in Old-West era Texas. This isn't just any poker game, either: players will engage in a highly competitive variant of poker known as Texas hold'em.

Each game of Texas hold'em consists of a series of rounds, also known as hands. At the start of each hand, each player is dealt two cards from the deck, which remain face down to begin with. All players are then given a chance to place wagers, with order of precedence going in a clockwise pattern starting with the dealer. After each player places their wager or folds, each player is then able to look at their cards.

In addition, the dealer will deal three additional cards to a community area in the center of the table. These three cards are commonly referred to as the flop. The cards in the flop can be used by any player and can also be used by any number of players. In this manner, players must use the two cards that they're dealt and any three cards from the flop to construct a winning poker hand.

After the flop is dealt and players are able to take a look at their cards, another betting phase occurs followed by another card being dealt to the flop. This step is repeated again so that there are five cards on the flop and a total of four betting phases. Over the course of these steps, players will usually bet increasingly large sums of money or fold out of the game, depending on what they perceive their chances of winning to be.

It is possible for all the players except one to fold out of the game by this point, meaning that the sole remaining player wins the hand. If there at least two players left in the game after four rounds of betting, then the game enters a final stage known as the showdown. During this phase, all remaining players turn their cards face up and construct the best poker hand possible using their cards and cards from the flop. Whichever player has the strongest hand receives all of the chips; players split the chips evenly in the event of a tie.

One of the main differences between Texas hold'em and other styles of poker is that Texas hold'em can accommodate any number of players. The advantage to this is that the tactics involved in the game change greatly depending on how many opponents the player is facing. In large, 8-player competitions it will be necessary for players to play extremely aggressively in order to gain an advantage on the opposition. Conversely, one-on-one battles are incredibly intense and require some extremely tactical decision making in order to succeed.

The player has two different game types they can engage in: tournament or single game. In a tournament game, players will player multiple, shorter duration games in succession. At the end of each game they play, the player will be awarded a certain number of points based on their performance. After all the games have been played, the player's points from all his or her games are added up and ranked against opponents' scores.

The advantage to this game mode is that players don't have to win every single round, they just need to consistently place in the top three scores for each round. In single-game mode, players engage in a single, longer duration match. This match is winner-take-all, so if the player doesn't beat every single opponent in the match, they can really lose their shirt. The advantage to playing in single-game mode is that the player can buy as many chips as he or she wants to start the game off with, which can be a huge advantage in Texas hold'em.

Even though the Texas hold'em in Governor of Poker is very well done, the best part of the game comes when each game is over. The reason for this is that players are actually able to leave the saloon or gambling hall they were in and explore the city outside. There are several things for the player to do in each city, including talking with townsfolk, unlocking items at the general store and buying pieces of property around town. While talking to villagers might not sound that interesting, they can rely helpful tips about different opponents in each town and give players an advantage in their next match. Items at the general store can be used to customize the player's appearance, and pieces of property will generate money for the player at set intervals.

Immersive Wild West Theme

The Old West setting was a great choice for this game, and the developers really made the most out of it. Governor of Poker really immerses players into the game's world, and the high-stakes nature of the game will have people on the edge of their seat while they play. What really makes the game, however, is what happens in between games of poker. The ability to leave the saloons and gambling halls makes each town feel alive, and the townsfolk will provide lots of fun gossip for players to occupy themselves with. The property management aspect that the game utilizes is also a blast; it makes the game a sort of hybrid between poker and Monopoly.

Players Should Look Elsewhere For A Deep Story

There really isn't much story to speak of in Governor of Poker. Players simply try to win as many games of poker as possible and amass as much money and property as possible. Although players can interact with people around each town, it's entirely optional and only has a minor effect on gameplay. On the bright side, there's no long sequences of dialogue or cutscenes to sit through before being able to play a game of poker.

Helpful Tutorials Make The Game Easy To Learn

Governor of Texas does a great job initiating new players to the game with its helpful tutorial. This section of the game is entirely optional and will walk players through each phase of a game of poker. Additionally, the game features hints that can be toggled on or off at any point. These tips will pop during various points in the game and inform players of what their current options are and what the best course of action would be. The game also has useful information available in a pop-up menu, such as a list of the winning hands in poker or the statistical likelihood of winning with a particular hand.

Graphics Are Simple, Yet Effective

The game's graphics are simple but they do a good job of communicating necessary information to the player. Governor of Poker uses a top-down camera angle, and each character appears as an over-sized ten-gallon hat. Although this makes it impossible to see opponent's facial expressions during matches, the game uses other effects to let the player know how each opponent is reacting. These animations include profuse sweating, laughter or fidgeting and allow the player to gauge each opponent's mood.

Gameplay Will Stay Fresh For A Long Time

Governor of Poker does a great job of keeping the gameplay varied and fresh. There's always an incentive for players to keep going, and the property unlock system will definitely keep players hooked for a long time. One of the downsides to Governor of Poker is that there's no online multi-player option, which would have gone a long way towards increasing its longevity.

Conclusion - Gets New Players Going Quickly and Gives Experienced Players A Good Time

Governor of Poker is a great option for players who are new to Texas hold'em or poker in general. The tutorial mode does a great job of teaching the rules to players, and the different game modes and different ways to spend money will make the process very enjoyable.

Review by Robert J

Robert J is an IT professional in the Milwaukee area. He is an avid gamer and lives with his dog Buddy.

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