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Governor of Poker 2 Review


  • Lots of replayability thanks to a huge town to explore.
  • Fun graphics with lots of character.
  • Tutorials make it easy for beginners to learn the ropes.


  • Lack Of Multi-Player Support.
  • Might Be A Bit Too Easy For Texas Hold'em Experts.

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Governor of Poker 2 Review

Exciting Texas Hold'em Gameplay

Poker can be a very intimidating game for new players to learn, due in large part to the game's complicated rules and special terminology. Many Texas Hold'em video games are either too realistic to be accessible to newcomers or are too easy and lacking in difficulty. Governor of Poker 2 is a Texas Hold'em game that is able to be a nice mixture of easy-to-learn as well as challenging to more advanced players.

One of the most difficult challenges of making a Texas Hold'em video game is incorporating opponent tells into the gameplay. This is made even more difficult in Governor Of Poker 2, due to the fact that the game uses a top-down camera angle, which means players can't see their opponents' faces.

However, Governor Of Poker 2 comes up with an innovative way to solve this problem by giving the player subtle visual cues. If an opponent is bluffing, the player will sometimes see small drops of sweat emanating from them; if an opponent thinks he has a clear advantage, the player will see him drumming his fingers impatiently on the table. Although paying attention to these cues isn't necessary in order to succeed at the game, veteran Texas Hold'em players will definitely appreciate their inclusion in the game.

During the game, players are provided with a wealth of useful information that makes them aware of a variety of factors, including their chances of winning, the chances of their opponents winning, and the cards that will be necessary for them complete a winning hand. The game also does a great job of breaking the game up into discrete steps and clearly presenting the player with a list of all the options available to him or her, as opposed to many other poker games that move at lightning speed and often leave players wondering exactly what happened.

Players will have the option of joining two different game types: a single high-stakes game or a tournament-style setup. Players may only play one of each type of game per in-game day, and only if they have the required amount of cash to buy-in.

It's also important that players are aware of the differences between these two game types. The single, high-stakes games will only award prize money to the player who comes in first place. In a tournament-style game, players play multiple, short games in succession and are then given a ranking based on their overall performance. At the end of the tournament, prize money is awarded to the first, second, and third place players. Players also have the option to wager pieces of in-game property, which means that it's possible to really 'bet the farm' or 'lose the shirt of your back' when playing this game.

If players start to run low on cash, it's possible for them to take out a loan from the bank or sell back property that they own. However, there is a limit on how much money that players are able to borrow from the bank, and it can be possible for them to become totally bankrupt and unable to advance any further. This is one of the game's few weak spots, since it really isn't much fun for a player to lose everything they've worked so hard to accumulate and be unable to gain it back.

Experience Life As An Old-West Card Sharp

Players will get a chance to actually wander around each town, which makes for a nice diversion between playing games of Texas Hold'em. These towns feature a variety of activities for the player to indulge in, including listening to townsfolk banter about local goings-on, visiting the general store to unlock gear to customize their in-game character's appearance, and purchasing real estate around town. Of all these options, the ability to buy property is the most interesting and is the only one with an actual in-game benefit. These properties will actually generate cash for a player and are a nice safeguard to ensure that the player will never become completely bankrupt. When a player has finished exploring the town for the day, they are able to visit the saloon to start the next round of card games.

Become The Greatest Texas Hold'em Player Around

Governor Of Poker 2 is essentially a card game, which means that the storytelling takes a backseat to the gameplay. Players won't have to sit through any lengthy cutscenes or endless dialogue sequences, instead, they're able to focus on playing as much Texas Hold'em as they want.

For those interested in the story of the game, it's quite silly and involves the governor of Texas outlawing Texas Hold'em because it's a game of chance. It falls to the player to prove to the governor that the game actually requires a great deal of skill, which the player demonstrates by winning copious amounts of money through participating in games across the state.

Easy Tutorial Acclimates New Players To The Game

For players who have no idea what the phrase "all in" or "on the flop" means, Governor Of Poker 2 does a great job of introducing them to the game of Texas Hold'em. The tutorial is quite long and lets players move at their own speed. Additionally, the tutorial does a great job of explaining the complex terminology involved in Texas Hold'em. Once players leave the tutorial, the game will display lots of helpful information such as a list of the winning combinations of cards, their chances of drawing a winning hand, and their opponent's chance of drawing a better hand than what the player currently has.

Fun Graphics Have A Lot Of Character

Despite the fact that every character in the game is represented as an over-sized ten-gallon cowboy hat with arms, every character in the game still manages to exude quite a bit of personality. Additionally, the game uses animations to great effect, with characters waving their fists angrily when they lose and gloating triumphantly when they win.

Although these sound like relatively small things, they all add up to really give the game a lot of charm. The sheer number of distinct hats that are in this game is impressive as well, and helps the player to differentiate one character from the rest.

In fact, it's somewhat disappointing that so much effort was spent on the game's graphics, since the sound is actually pretty terrible. The voice acting is incredibly annoying, and the announcer who provides commentary never provides any useful information and his limited assortment of dialogue gets old very quickly. Similarly, the voice acting for the player's opponents is just as bad, with most opponents usually limited to just one taunt that they use over and over. Do yourself a favor and turn the sound off when playing this game.

Players Are Guaranteed To Keep Coming Back For More

Because there's so much to do in Governor of Poker 2, players will definitely want to play through the game a second time just to see everything they missed on their first run through the game. With so many items and properties to unlock, players will have tons of options to explore. Additionally, the difficulty of the poker portion of the game always seems to adapt to the player's individual skill level, ensuring that each game is always challenging but never too tough.

Review by Robert J

Robert J is an IT professional in the Milwaukee area. He has been an avid video game enthusiast for over three decades.

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